Redesigning the Blockletes Experience.

Our team created a landing page that converts. Drawing the user into the world of mobile gaming based on blockchain technology through in-game artwork and impactful messaging.

A new type of game.

One of the first mobile gaming apps to leverage blockchain technology to buy, trade, and sell digital athletes. With spectacular in-game, 3D artwork available to us, we were able to create a vibrant responsive landing page with a focus on playing the game and managing golfers.

Creating the Marketplace

As the mobile game app already existed, it was up to our team to create the community touchpoints like the Marketplace and Clubhouse sections.

Maximize virtual golfers through stats views.

We looked at how to efficiently operate the different stats values of the golfers and gear items, and introduced an easy-to-use leveling system.

Level-Up, Trade, Collect Virtual Golfers
Golfer Stats Views