Innovating season after season for 60M+ fans.

I was fortunate to spend a decade working with the NBA Digital team at Turner Sports. Throughout my time there I worked on everything from editorial designs and social media graphics, to creating the next versions of the website and league apps.

NBA Ultimate 5 app designs

Our team pitched a few design concepts for a card collection app for the NBA 75th Anniversary. Fans could unlock their 5 favorite players from the list of 75 and build a squad to share with their friends.

Betting integration and enhanced scoreboards

We partnered with NBA data teams to bake-in real-time stats with betting totals included. As this was a sponsored initiative, we also had to balance strong branding and advertising against a ton of NBA player data.

Sponsored player pages

Pitchwork for top brands with seamless integration into existing league designs. We created unique ways for sponsors to carry their message without interrupting the hardcore stats-driven fans.

NBA is in a league of their own with digital innovation.
Website Redesign Work