Working with UX experts to craft a multilingual experience.

I was contracted by the agency to assist with some of the more extensive sections of the World Table Tennis website. Scoreboards, rankings, articles, and video engagement are all design efforts I’m familiar with working in sports.

Raising the profile of women athletes.

One of our priority objectives was to showcase women athletes, some of the best table tennis competitors in the world. In a sea of names and stats, we struck a balance using accent colors for men & women.

Showcasing top rankings and live events.

The results page we designed presents live match updates, tournament standings, and player statistics in a clean and organized manner. By using a minimalist design approach, we made it so users could quickly navigate through the data without feeling overwhelmed. Important information, such as match scores and player names, stands out prominently, ensuring instant recognition and understanding.

Revamped video and highlights sections.

Understanding the importance of seamless navigation and accessibility, I reimagined the video page layout to prioritize user engagement. Key match highlights and top moments were featured prominently, making it effortless for users to quickly find and watch the most thrilling content.

WTT brings table tennis to the world
WTT responsive web displays